Nvidia RTX A2000 - a great graphics card for Ethereum mining

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Nvidia, apart from gaming Geforce video cards, produces video cards on the same chips for mining CMP and professional models, which are designated as RTX A2000, RTX A4000, etc. If earlier professional models of video cards were not considered for purchase for mining due to higher prices, but now due to the alignment of the prices of gaming and professional models, as well as due to lack of LHR restrictions in the professional models of video cards Nvidia, such solutions in mining cryptocurrencies in recent years have been used more and more often. The recently released junior professional model RTX A2000 was not only not an exception, but on the contrary, it turned out to be quite attractive for cryptocurrency miners.

By its technical characteristics RTX A2000 is inferior to the younger gaming model Nvidia Geforce 3600. It has more Cuda cores (3584 vs. 3328), twice as much GDDR6 memory (12Gb vs. 6Gb), more memory bandwidth (360Gbit/s vs. 288Gbit/s). But due to the fact that RTX 3060 has a built-in LHR mining limiter, this video card shows similar results in Ethereum mining as RTX A2000, but with twice as much power consumption.

Nvidia RTX A2000 specifications:

Nvidia RTX A2000 graphics card hashrate:

Ethash: 40Mh/s 65W

KawPow: 15MH/s 70W

Octopus: 30Mh/s 70W

Autolykos: 103Mh/s 70W

The results of RTX A2000 in mining can hardly be called record, but if we compare its energy efficiency with other professional and gaming models, RTX A2000 will be the best option for those who pay attention to this parameter. In addition, it is worth noting the stable operation and low operating temperature even when increasing the frequency of memory and GPU. The absence of additional power supply (the power is supplied only through the PCI Express slot) greatly simplifies the assembly of mining regs from these graphics cards. The price of RTX A2000 is comparable to Geforce RTX3060 nowadays, therefore purchasing professional Nvidia video cards for mining may be even more profitable in comparison with gaming video cards. The main disadvantage of RTX A2000 is a small amount of 6Gb video memory, so this video card will be able to mine Ethereum only till April 2024. But considering the current profitability of mining and the fact that Ethereum can switch to POS at any time, 2+ years seems quite a long time by today's standards.

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