Whatsminer M50, M50S and M53 - the new generation of 5nm Bitcoin Asics from MicroBT

whatsminer m53 bitcoin asic

MicroBT in April 2022 announced a new generation of Whatsminer Asiс miners manufactured by modern technological standards of 5nm in Samsung factories. The new generation received a symbolic index M50 (missing the name of the M40) and has three models: Whatsminer M50, M50S and M53. Where M50 and M50S are traditional ASIC miners with air cooling, but M53 is a completely different device with water cooling, twice the power consumption and a housing for installation in server racks.

Technical characteristics of Asic miners Whatsminer M50:

Whatsminer ALGO Hashrate TDP J/TH
M50 SHA256 114TH/s 3306W 29J/TH
M50S SHA256 126TH/s 3276W 26J/TH
M53 SHA256 226TH/s 6554W 29J/TH

MicroBT promises to start supplying 5nm asiс miners for Bitcoin mining as early as Q3 2022.

The new generation Whatsminer will be able to compete with the popular solutions from Bitmain - Antminer S19 PRO (29J/TH).

microbt whatsminer m50s bitcoin asic

The cost of new products was not announced at the time of the announcement, so it is not possible to estimate the ROI of this equipment at the moment. But knowing the technical characteristics, it is already possible to calculate on profit-mine.com the profitability of asics and compare them with the cost of competing solutions and the current value of Bitcoin. That would allow you to decide right now what price range and delivery time will be acceptable for you when placing an order, when it will be available.