FutureBit Apollo 2 - Bitcoin ASIC for Home Use

futurebit apollo 2 bitcoin asicThe company FutureBit has been a longstanding presence in the market, specializing in the production of USB ASIC miners. The first device, FutureBit MoonLander USB Scrypt ASIC , was released back in 2016. This time, the company has announced a second-generation Bitcoin ASIC named FutureBit Apollo 2. Like all FutureBit devices, Apollo 2 is designed for home mining, although its form factor is far from the dimensions of a USB flash drive.

Technical Specifications of FutureBit Apollo 2:

Algorithm: SHA-256

Hashrate: 6-10 TH/s

Power Consumption: 175-375W

Energy Efficiency: 28 J/TH

Noise: Less than 40dB in Eco mode.

Hashrate, power consumption, and noise will depend on the selected operating mode: ECO, Standard, or Turbo.

Additionally, there are three types of ASIC miners: Founders Edition (1999 USD), Full Node (1099 USD), and Standard (799 USD).

The Standard version is a set of circuit boards with ASIC chips that can be connected to the full version of Full Node Apollo 2 or Apollo 1.

The Full Node Apollo 2 version, in addition to the ASIC itself, includes a full-fledged Linux computer with an ARM processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 2TB SSD. The operating system used is a modification of Ubuntu 22 called Apollo OS 2.0. The pre-installed OS is already configured by default to function as a full Bitcoin node, i.e., for solo mining. This version can connect up to 2 Standard ASICs, achieving a total hashrate of up to 30 TH/s. Alternatively, users can configure parameters for any BTC pool if solo mining is not their preferred approach.

Finally, the Founders Edition offers an original design with the founder's signature, along with membership in the FutureBit VIP Club, providing early access to new company products and the opportunity to attend company events. Only 1000 units of this version will be released, prioritizing delivery to buyers.


bitcoin miner for home

The company plans to open pre-orders for the FutureBit Apollo 2 on December 4, and shipments will commence in the first quarter of 2024.

As of now, FutureBit.io's website only offers the Apollo BTC for 699 USD and the MoonLander2 for 64 USD.