Jasminer X44 ASIC Miner You'll Want to Buy

jasminer x44 asic ethashOn April 2, 2024, Jasminer announced a new generation of their ASIC miners for the Ethash algorithm - the Jasminer X44-Q and X44-P, which didn't just improve; they significantly surpassed all known offerings in the market. The main distinguishing feature of these newcomers is their energy efficiency, which is 2.5-3 times better than the previous model, the Jasminer X16, or any other competing product.

One might think that ASICs for Ethash have been released since 2018 and the time for breakthrough technical solutions has long passed, but Jasminer engineers have proven otherwise, offering an energy efficiency of 0.1J/MH in the Asic Jasminer X44, instead of the familiar 0.3J/MH. You might think it's an April Fools' joke and such a thing couldn't possibly be true, but the news itself was published on April 2nd, so one can fully believe that this is indeed happening.

The cost and delivery times of the new products are currently unknown, so at the moment, one can only familiarize themselves with the technical specifications:

Spec Jasminer X44-Q

Jasminer X44-P

Jasminer X16-Q

Jasminer X16-P
Hashrate 7800Mh/s 23400Mh/s 1950Mh/s 5800Mh/s
TDP 780W 2340W 620W 1900W
J/MH 0,1 J/MH 0,1 J/MH 0,32 J/MH 0,32 J/MH
Noise 40dB  70dB 40dB 70dB

As you can see from the table, there is obvious progress in the new ASICs.

As before, the Q model is designed for home mining due to its low noise level of less than 40dB, while the P model is for industrial mining, offering maximum performance.

In terms of profitability, the new Jasminer offerings will be among the most profitable in the market and will directly compete with ASICs for Kaspa. The main thing is for the manufacturer not to raise prices as Bitmain or IceRiver does, selling their kHeavyHash ASICs for tens of thousands of dollars.

It can be assumed that it won't be long before current models of cryptocurrency mining devices for the Ethash (Etchash) algorithm are perceived by everyone as outdated and only useful for covering electricity costs. Although literally today, everyone sees X16 as the most desirable mining devices.

Miners, you now have a new object of desire, and it's the Jasminer X44!

asic jasminer x44-p