Bitmain Antminer S21 XP HYDRO is the new leader in energy efficiency of Bitcoin mining

Bitmain antminer S21 XP

Bitmain yesterday at the World Digital Mining Summit in Las Vegas presented two new ASIC models for the SHA-256 mining algorithm, i.e. for Bitcoin mining. The main feature of the new Bitmain Antminer S21 XP and Antminer S21 XP HYDRO models is a new level of energy efficiency that was not available before. So for the S21 XP this figure is 13.5 J/TH, and for the S21 XP Hydro it is 12 J/TH, which makes it currently the most energy-efficient ASIC for Bitcoin mining.

Another remarkable feature of the new ASICs from Bitmain is the presence of a small screen that shows various indicators of the device’s operation (hashrate, power consumption, operation status), which makes it easier to diagnose and maintain, especially when you have more than a couple of such ASICs out of several hundred.

Bitmain Antminer S21 XP air-cooled will have a hashrate of 270 TH/s and a power consumption of 3645W (13.5 J/TH)

For the regular S21 XP model, an optional liquid cooling mode is also available, in which case 300 TH/s at 4050W will be available. In this mode, energy efficiency will be lower at 15 J/TH.

The Antminer S21 XP Hydro has a stated hashrate of 473 TH/s and 5676 W. Which corresponds to 12 J/TH

The cost of new products is 21.5 USD/TH including discount coupons; they will go on sale in the 4th quarter of 2024 or early 2025.

Those. S21 XP Hydro will cost approximately just over 10,000 USD

You can calculate the profitability of the S21 XP and compare it with other ASIC models on the website