Innosilicon G32 - Asic Miner for Cryptocurrency GRIN

innosilicon_G32_1800Innosilicon, the oldest Asics company, also introduced its first asyc miner for the cryptocurrency GRIN, but more versatile. supports the mining of two algorithms at once Cuckatoo31 + and Cuckatoo32 +, with backward compatibility with Cuckatoo29 / 30 algorithms, but the predicted hashrate for these algorithms is not indicated by the company. Just like Obelisk  in the Innosilicon Asic lineup there will be 3 models with different performance. The simplest model will be called Innosilicon G32 Mini Miner, and it will be executed in the form factor of expansion cards for the PCIe slot, i.e. very much like a video card. The rest of the G32 500 Miner and G32 1800 Miner models will be in the cases already familiar to us.

Specifications Innosilicon G32 Mini Miner:

 Hashrate: 21,5GPS Cuckatoo31+ и 4,5GPS Cuckatoo32+

Power Consumption: 140W

Energy Efficiency: 6,5J/GPS

Noise: -Db

Price: 799USD

Dimensions: -

Weight: 1,2kg

Delivery Date: August 2019

Asic Miner G32 Mini оснащен слотом PCIe, но является полностью независимым устройством с собственным программным обеспечением, Wi-Fi, портом Ethernet, т. Е. Для выполнения работы вам нужен только блок питания компьютера. Слот PCIe позволит вам установить несколько таких ASIC одновременно на майнинг-буровой установке для организации каскадного соединения.


Specifications Innosilicon G32 500 Miner:

 Hashrate: 100GPS Cuckatoo31+ и 20GPS Cuckatoo32+

Power Consumption: 520W

Energy Efficiency: 5,2J/GPS

Noise: -Db

Price: 2888USD

Dimensions: 125x155x270mm

Weight: 5kg

Delivery Date: August 2019


Specifications Innosilicon G32 1800 Miner:

Hashrate: 328GPS Cuckatoo31+ и 65,6GPS Cuckatoo32+

Power Consumption: 1800W

Energy Efficiency: 5,5J/GPS

Noise: -Db

Price: 9388USD

Dimensions: 250x155x360mm

Weight: 12kg

Delivery Date: August 2019

For buyers who made a pre-order in April, the company gives an extended warranty of 9 months, a free power supply unit and a refund guarantee if the final specifications of the device will differ from those indicated at the pre-order stage.

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