Innosilicon Equihash A9 ++ ZMaster - 140 KSol/s on the Equihash algorithm (Zcash)

innosilicon_A9 zmasterInnoslicon introduced its new asic miner for the Eqiuhash A9 ++ ZMaster algorithm for direct competition with the Bitmain miner  recently announced for Equihash - ANTminer Z11. Equihash A9 ++ ZMaster is a slightly improved version of the A9 ZMaster, which was increased in size, which gave an increase not only in hashes, but also in power consumption.

 Specifications ASIC Miner  A9++ ZMaster:


 Algorithm: Equihash (zcash)

Hashrate: 140KSol/s

Power Consumption: 1550W

Energy Efficiency: 11 J/KS

Noise: 75Db

Price: 1580 USD

Dimensions: 360x250x155mm

Weight: 11kg

Delivery Date: May 2019


If you compare the A9 ++ ZMaster with a competitor from Bitmain ANTMiner Z11, the Innosilicon offer looks much weaker primarily due to the price (1580 USD against 1242USD) and the first delivery date (May 2019 against April 2019). For the rest of the parameters, there is also a slight lag behind competitors. Those. Bitmain ANTMiner Z11 looks advantageous in all respects, but it is no longer possible to buy it, because the whole lot is already sold out. For those who wanted to buy ANTMiner Z11, but did not have time, you can buy a similar product from Innosilicon with the already stated disadvantages of such an order.

For more information on the ASIC Miner A9 ++ ZMaster please visit the official Innosilicon website.