Asic GoldShell X6 - 1730Mh/s at 2000W on the Scrypt algorithm


A little-known Asic Miners production company Goldshell has launched a new ASIC mining model for Litecoin (Scrypt algorithm) - GoldShell X6. This is not the first model of ASIC from this company.

There are still models X5 and X5S with a smaller hashrate and with slightly worse energy efficiency. For the manufacture of GoldShell used Asic chip ICQ550 instead of ICQ510 in previous models.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not specify the technological standards for this chip.


  ASIC GoldShell X6 specifications:

Algorithm: Scrypt (Litecoin)

Hashrate: 1730Mh/s

Power Consumption: 2000W

Energy Efficiency: 1,15J/MH

Noise: -Db

Price: 1730USD (11600CNY)

Dimensions: 415x125x160mm

Weight: 5,4kg

Delivery Date: buy now

If you compare the GoldShell X6 with the main competitor Bitmain AntMiner L3+ , then the new product looks faded, because energy efficiency over the past two years since the release of ANTMiner L3 + has improved from just 1.6J/TH to 1.15J/MH.

You can get acquainted with the products of the company GoldShell on the official website.