Bitfury Tardis - asiс miner 80 TH/s on SHA-256 algorithm

asic miner bitfury tardis

Bitfury is one of the first 3 companies (Bitfury, Canaan Creative and the long-gone Butterfly labs), which began to produce asic chips for bitcoin mining. Recently, the company website has information about the new asic miner called Bitfury Tardis with a hashrate of 80TH/s. Considering the fact that the company recently introduced its new Asic chip Bitfury Clarke with an energy efficiency of 0.55J / TH, we also expected to see similar energy efficiency in the new turnkey solution in the asic of Tardis.

But unfortunately we were disappointed, because Bitfury Tardis's declared energy efficiency will be at the level of 0.79 J / TH, which is not much better than the already outdated Antminer S9j from Bitmain with an energy efficiency of 0.93 J / TH. It can be concluded that Bitfury took an example from its main competitor and began to produce "new" solutions based on old technologies that are no longer in demand. The asic miner Tardis power consumption will be at 6300W, i.e. If you enter the data on the calculator website, you will see that 50% of the income from mining will be spent on payment of electricity.

Technical Data Bitfury Tardis

Hashrate: 80 TH / sec (SHA-256).
Power consumption: 6300W.
ASIC chip: Bitfury Clarke (questionable).
Device dimensions: 264mm x 483mm x 591mm (Rack 6U)
Operating temperatures: from -20 to +40 degrees Celsius.
Device weight: 37 kg
 For more information on the technical data of this device can be found at this link.

 According to the company, one of the main advantages is an easy ASIC upgrade for new, more efficient ASIC chips, which seems to us to be very useful in the near future for buyers of this ASIC.

As a summary, we can conclude that the purchase of Bitfury Tardis does not make much sense because of the long payback period of all modern Asic and the imminent release of more advanced asic from other companies (ASICminer 8 Nano 44Th) and Bitfury itself. Although we still do not know what the cost of this ASIC will be, it is possible that Bitfury will not be greedy and will offer a very nice price for its not very fresh device.