Onda B365 D32-D4 motherboard for 32 Sata HDD or SSD drives

onda b365 D32-D4 32 sata connector Due to the high interest in mining CHIA cryptocurrency on HDD and SSD, not only SSD and HDD drives themselves, but also powerful processors and motherboards with a large number of SATA connectors for connecting storage devices began to be in high demand. If for a regular motherboard the number of Sata connectors is 6-8 pieces, then in a motherboard from Onda called B365 D32-D4 there are 32 such connectors, and they are combined with power connectors and equally spaced on the board for direct installation of HDD or SSD on the board without the use of power and data wires.

Onda B365 D32-D4 motherboard specifications:

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The motherboard is made for Intel processors with the LGA1151 socket, in addition to 32 Sata slots on the motherboard there are two slots for DDR4 RAM, one PCIEx16 slot for installing a video card and one PCIEx1 slot for expansion cards.

The dimensions of Onda B365 D32-D4 are 530mm by 310mm, which is larger than the standard ATX format and therefore requires a special case.

The motherboard itself is sold in the Onda brand store for 3299 yuan or 500 USD.

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