ASIC SuperScalar K10 - 30Gh/s hashrate based on the kHeavyHash algorithm (Kaspa)

asic superscalar k10 kaspa

Recently, the cryptocurrency Kaspa has gained significant popularity among GPU miners, but the popularity of the cryptocurrency has attracted not only owners of GPU mining rigs, but also FPGA and ASIC miner manufacturers. At the end of 2022, the first FPGA miner Osprey E300 was made available for Kaspa mining under the kHeavyHash algorithm, which is the algorithm that the Kaspa crypto project operates on. Just under six months later, the first ASIC miner for Kaspa was released, called the Superscalar K10.

You may be hearing about SuperScalar for the first time, as well as ASIC miners from this company. However, on the mining pool in the Popular miners section, this model not only appears on the list but also tops it in terms of revenue among all known ASIC miners today.

Technical information about the Superscalar K10 can also be found on the F2pool website, as we were unable to find any other information on this device.

Algorithm: kHeavyHash

Hashrate: 30Gh/s

Power consumption: 1700W

This is all the available information about this mysterious ASIC miner for mining the Kaspa cryptocurrency, but since the website is one of the oldest in the mining industry, we have no reason to distrust this information.

In terms of technical specifications, the SuperScalar K10 is not particularly powerful, but rather a breakthrough device, as it is only about two times more energy-efficient than an RTX 4090 graphics card (3,5GH/s, 350W). Therefore, even if many of these devices are released for Kaspa mining, numbering in the thousands, they will not fundamentally change the situation for GPU miners.