Nvidia Geforce RTX 4060Ti graphics card - cryptocurrency mining and hashrate

RTX 4060 ti mining and hashrateOn May 24, 2023, Nvidia introduced a new mid-range consumer graphics card called the Geforce RTX 4060Ti. Like the entire current RTX 4000 series of graphics cards, the new product offers significantly increased GPU capabilities (22TFLOPS instead of 16TFLOPS for the RTX 3060 Ti), but at the same time, the video memory subsystem has undergone a serious simplification due to which the memory bandwidth of the 4060Ti is almost two times lower than that of the RTX 3060Ti (288Gbit/s vs 448Gbit/s). And this is a rather serious simplification, which will definitely affect the hash rate of this video card in cryptocurrency mining on the algorithms Ethash, ETChash, KawPow and others for the worse. For you to understand the level of video memory performance of the new GPU, they lowered it to the level of the GTX 1070, which was sold back in 2016. How such "large-scale" changes will affect the performance in the mining of the RTX 4060 Ti video card, you will learn further.

Specifications Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti

Specifications RTX 3060Ti RTX 4060Ti RTX 4070 RTX 4070 Ti
Release date 02.12.2020 24.05.2023  13.04.2023 05.01.2023
Frequency GPU (BOOST) MHz 1410 (1665) 2310 (2540)  1920 (2475) 2310 (2610) 
Cuda Cores 4864 4352  5888 7680
GFLOPS FP32 16.2 22.06  29150  40090
Memory 8Gb GDDR6 8GB GDDR6  12Gb GDDR6X 12GB GDDR6X
Memory bus width 256 128  192  192
Total memory bandwidth 448 288  504 504
Power usage 200W 160W  200W 285W
Announced price, USD 329 USD 399 USD  599 USD 799 USD
Etchash Hashrate









Kaspa Hashrate










As can be seen from the comparison, the RTX 4060Ti is inferior to its predecessor RTX 3060 Ti in terms of the number of Cuda cores and the memory bus. And if it weren’t for a more advanced GPU chip and its higher operating frequency, then a video card with such characteristics could well be called an RTX 4060 (without Ti) or even an RTX 4050, and this despite the fact that the recommended price not only did not decrease, but, on the contrary, only increased for a significant 70 USD.

Actually, according to the results in the mining of the Ethereum Classic (ETCHash) cryptocurrency, it is clearly seen that this is not an equivalent replacement for the RTX 3060 Ti, but a lower-class video card, and even at a higher price.



Test results of Nvidia Geforce RTX 4060 Ti on various mining algorithms:

ETHash/ETChash (Ethereum classic): 38 MH/s 75W

KheavyHash (Kaspa): 572 Mh/s 62W

KawPow (Ravencoin): 19.8Mh/s 95W

Blake3 (Alephium): 1.47Gh/s 88W

NexaPow (Nexa): 80Mh/s 112W 

DynexSolve (Dynex): 5500H/s 63W

Radiant (Radiant): 786Mh/s 68W

ERGO (autolykos2): 90Mh/s 65W

IronFish (iron Fish): 13.1Gh/s 81W

SHA3d (Kylacoin): 537Mh/s 60W

Conclusion: The RTX 4060 Ti video card gives a good increase in hash rate in the cores of dependent algorithms, but at the same time loses in mining algorithms, where intensive data exchange with video memory is required. If in older versions of the RTX 4070, RTX 4080 video cards, the deterioration of the data transfer channel between the video memory and the GPU was not so noticeable, then for the RTX 4060 Ti, the 288Gbit / s channel can be safely called a failure. The higher price makes all the advantages of the new GPU less desirable, and as a result, we do not recommend such a video card for mining. It is better to consider buying a cheaper RTX3070 (RTX 3070Ti) or still expand your budget and opt for the RTX 4070, which will be a more versatile graphics card for mining, and not just for GPU-dependent algorithms, which happened with the RTX 4060 Ti.